What Drives Me

I was born in Bedford to working class parents in 1951 there were six of us in my family 50 and 60’s times were tough but it made me strong and determined to be successful.

Many years after I left school when I was struggling married man in the 70’s no job with little direction. My friend came round to see me one day saw me sitting in my flat day after day waiting for something to happen, a opportunity to drop through my door. When he had gone he left a note and gave me some good advice in the hope it would strike a chord. Looking back it did strike a chord, but it didn’t take action for another little while. On it he had wrote: “There are three types of person in this world: people who make things happen, people who let things happen and people who wonder what happened. Which one are you?

I would love to know what drives me, what motivates me, what gets me excited to jump out of bed in the morning. What do I want to do with my life? I struggle with this question. It’s constantly running through my head. I’m always trying to figure out what truly makes me happy. I know some people will point to the successes I’ve had in farming and life and say that should be enough. Honestly, I’m still not sure in what direction I should go.

What I can tell you is I LOVE to create. I LOVE locking in on an idea and bringing it to life via the medium of photography. I love bringing joy to other people, making them laugh, smile and learn. Taking an idea and making it a reality, that is what drives me. I know the path to get to that point is long and sometimes painful but if you never take action, you will never feel that feeling of “idea completion“.

Once the idea has been fully fleshed out and completed, what’s next? That’s the other question. I have trouble being satisfied and content. I seem to always want to be moving, creating, building, doing because if I’m not, I feel like I am failing myself in some weird way. I’m not a professional photographer but I do have a passion to be a successful photographer, to this end I have established Red Square Imaging